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September 28,2021

For sliding doors, everyone is more familiar and understood. In daily life, with the development of society, the application of sliding doors has become more frequent. For the sake of safety, the sliding doors will be locked. But do you understand sliding door lock and latch aluminum? Today's article will mainly introduce sliding door lock latch aluminum.


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The Working Principle of Sliding Door Lock Latch Aluminum


Gliding doors function in different ways than routine doors and consequently, need special sliding door lock latch aluminum mounted on them. These sliding doors not just look stunning; they are also excellent for preserving room. Since sliding doors open sideways as opposed to opening in an outward direction right into the space as regular doors do, they work fantastic in shut spaces that might not allow for doors to open into them.


Various Types of Sliding Door Lock Latch Aluminum


Mortise Sliding Door Lock Latch Aluminum

This is one of the most common type of sliding door lock and latch. If you have a sliding door, chances are great that it included either a basic latch.The entire body of a mortise lock rests inside a pocket that is cut into the size of the door. As a result this part of the lock is basically unseen.

Many mortise sliding door locks are non-keyed, for this reason they will not enable you to secure or open the door from the outside. Some models, nevertheless, can be transformed to work with a secret.

Sliding Door Lock Latch Aluminum with the Key

If you wish to lock your sliding door from the outdoors, you'll most probably require a keyed lock.

Two-Bolt Sliding Door Lock Latch Aluminum

Two-bolt locks fall under the classification of additional locks. In the large bulk of instances, these types of sliding door locks do not included the door.

A dual screw lock works individually of the existing mortise or any other kind of lock. In most cases, the lock itself must be set up on the door stile above the deal with, while the taken care of, non-moving part has to be mounted on the door jamb.

Child sliding door lock latch aluminum

Child sliding door lock latch aluminum is a large classification with many different products. While it's true that most of them will not maintain robbers away, some models exist that are best for both protection as well as safety and security functions.


How to Install the Sliding Door Lock Latch Aluminum


  • Be sure to choose a suitable sliding door locklatch aluminum. There are several door lock materials for sliding doors on the market. You need to choose according to your own standards. After choosing a suitable sliding door lock, place the lock body on the door frame to measure the position, and then you can install the screws. When you install the screws, just make sure that the overall lock body does not shake.


  • In order to determine the overall effect, you also need to clean the track of the overall sliding door, because the door lock is a sliding block movement, if the track has a lot of dust, it will affect the lock body, so be sure to keep the overall track clean


  • After installing the overall door lock, the final step is to process the non-slip tape. Choose a piece of non-slip tape and place it near the edge to improve the overall grip.After the overall treatment, the screw can be fixed.


In a word, sliding door lock latch plays an important role in our home improvement. Therefore, you can select a suitable sliding door lock latch aluminum for your sliding door. We are wholesale sliding door lock latch aluminum manufacturer,supplier,factory,exporter,wholesaler for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.