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September 28,2021

What is sliding door Teflon roller wheel? Teflon is a kind of chemical substance, also called PTFE. The common sidling door roller materials on the market are plastic, metal and glass fiber. So how much do you know about sliding teflon roller wheel? Let's introduce some details about it.


Introduction of Teflon material

Teflon is widely used in various fields thanks for its unique superior performance, but it also has some shortcomings such as wear resistance, hardness and creep resistance. People usually strengthen its overall mechanical properties by adding filling materials to polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) to meet various requirements, so in order to meet our demands, the selection of the filling material is very important. According to the performance requirements of the composite, we can select a single material or multiple materials to fill together. The filling material plays a role of skeleton reinforcement in the Teflon mixed material and does not have any chemical reaction with Teflon. The following are some types of modified Teflon.


Two types of modified Teflon

Glass fiber modified Teflon

Glass fiber is a common inorganic material, which is made of glass fiber precursor by short cutting, grinding and screening. The main function of glass fiber powder in Teflon composites is to strengthen, make the materials more compression resistant, increase hardness, enhance wear resistance and reduce shrinkage, so as to improve the dimensional stability of Teflon. Glass fiber powder is required to have a certain length diameter ratio, so that the fiber can play a skeleton role in Teflon resin. The whiteness is required to be good. It can not be processed and made with contaminated waste wire. Generally, Teflon is filled with alkali free or low alkali glass fiber powder. Glass fiber powder is brittle, cheap, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. Generally, it is only filled with concentrated alkali Hydrofluoric acid and concentrated phosphoric acid corrosion. This modified Teflon is usually used to make sliding door rollers.


Carbon fiber modified Teflon

Carbon fiber modified Teflon. Carbon fiber is a high-performance inorganic filling material with high strength and modulus, low density, no creep, ultra-high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity in non oxidizing environment. However, with the increase of carbon fiber filling content, the tensile strength and elongation of the composites will decrease, and the compressive strength and hardness will increase. Relatively speaking, the reinforcement effect of carbon fiber is better than that of graphite or glass fiber. Comprehensive analysis shows that carbon fiber as Teflon filling material can enhance the creep resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance of the composite, especially in water circulation lubrication and pneumatic seal.


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