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September 28,2021

Nowadays, more and more people tend to install sliding door to decorate their house. The lack of traditional hinges and the alternative use of rails make them very suitable for limited space. The  sliding door rollers play a vital role in the use of sliding door. Different sliding doors have different rollers for them such as sliding hanger door roller and wheel sliding door roller. In this article, we will talk about the installation of sliding door rollers including sliding hanger door roller and wheel sliding door roller.



The installation of sliding door rollers

Although there are different types of sliding doors, the installation of the sliding door roller is no big differences, the following is the installation method.


First set up the sliding door upper pulley part. Pull the strip and insert a 6mm hexagonal wrench through the round hole. If you find it hard to twist, use the shorter end of the wrench to insert the inner six holes of the screw and rotate. After loosening the screws, pull out the upper pulley in parallel. Then screw in the new screw. Push the upper pulley flat into the gap between the screw cap and the inner wall of the door frame. To keep the upper pulley at a distance, clip a piece of cardboard between the upper edge of the door frame and the flat surface of the upper pulley. Then tighten the screws. The upper pulley is installed. Remove the cardboard. Turn the sliding door upside down, stand up, insert the screw through the round hole at the bottom, press the lower pulley with your hand, so that the screw hole of the adjustment square can be perpendicular to the screw, and the screw is easy to screw in. Use a 5mm hex wrench to turn the screws. After the screw is screwed into the adjustment square, it can be turned five times. So far, sliding door on one side, sliding wheel installation completed. The other several up and down wheel methods are the same and will not be repeated here. If the sliding door is uneven after it is installed on the sliding rail, you can use a 6mm hexagonal wrench to continue to adjust. Clockwise rotation is to raise, counterclockwise rotation is to lower.


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