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September 28,2021

Compared with the conditional doors, sliding doors have an extra decoration function, especially in the kitchen or balcony and other small space and they also save space. But people tend to underestimate the importance of sliding roller wheels when selecting doors.


sliding window roller wheel


Choosing sliding door or window roller wheels with stainless steel or plastic is what we need to consider. let's take a look at the factors related to sliding door or window roller wheels.


The sliding window roller wheels on the market are mainly made by three kinds of materials including plastic, metal, glass fiber. Stainless steel and plastic are much widely used in the household than glass fiber.


We should take the following factors into consideration before we purchasing the sliding door or window roller wheels or other windows’ hardware accessories.


The weight of the door or window


We must check the weight of the door if you want to move the sliding door quickly and easily as the little roller wheel should hold the total weight of the window or door. If you want to select a roller wheel for your french casement, you had better pick the stainless steel one as french casement is much heavier than ordinary windows and stainless steel had a stronger ability to hold a big buy than plastic one.




Most people choosing a sliding door out of the beautiful appearance rather than other factors. So it is also critical to select the most suitable and harmonious hardware to match the door. In view of this, plastic roller wheels are better than that stainless steel one. What’s more, plastic roller wheels also perform better than that stainless steel one in creating noise as plastic roller wheels sound quieter when moving the door or window.


Most people may have experienced a shrill sound when you had moved your window or door. If you don’t want to suffer that terrible sound, you can lubricate the roller wheels with some oil.


Location in your home


Sliding door is used mostly in the place such as kitchen, toilet, balcony, study. Kitchen and toilet in such moist place, should be given priority to with durability, so stainless steel is relatively better; And other space without water can give priority to with beautiful plastic.


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