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September 28,2021

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing friction hinge for casement window hinges

The choice of hardware (hinge) for aluminum alloy windows has always been a difficult problem. Most users use friction hinges.


Advantages of friction hinges

There is no need to break the external rubber strip, so the sealing of the window is better
The maximum opening angle of the window can be controlled (meaning that the friction hinge can fix the opening angle according to safety requirements). The hinge must be controlled by an additional arm to control the opening angle.


The most important thing is that when the friction hinge is opened, there is room to clean the window from the room, thereby avoiding the danger of people falling when cleaning the window.


Friction hinges have better resistance to wind pressure than hinge hinges, and hinge hinges must use wind bracing to ensure wind pressure resistance.


Low price: Two friction hinges can achieve the effect of two hinges and one wind brace.


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Disadvantages of friction hinges

The weight of the window cannot exceed the maximum 40kg, and the phenomenon of window sash falling is common, which affects the sealing and thermal insulation performance of the window.


If the window is larger than 900mm, there will be a problem with the window rotation.
The distance between the frame and the fan required for installation will be greater than the hinge distance (hardware channel) (17mm for friction hinges and 11.5mm for hinges)
Because the material hardness of the aluminum alloy profile is lower than that of the steel screw for the friction hinge, when the window sash is in the open state, the connecting screw of the friction hinge at the lower part is subjected to an upward pulling force; the connecting screw of the upper friction hinge is subjected to a downward pulling force and have to withstand the transverse shearing force in the process of long-term reciprocating opening and closing.


The screw buckle of the fastening screw and the cavity of the aluminum alloy profile can only overlap with at most 2 buckles, so the phenomenon of the outside opening window sash falling from time to time occurs. For this reason, the prohibition of opening windows in developed regions such as Europe and the United States is to be listed as expressly prohibited by laws and regulations.


Tips for the quality of casement window hinge

In the market, most of the inferior hinges are made of iron with a thickness of less than 3 mm. Generally, the surface is relatively rough, uneven plating, impurities, and some lengths are different, and the hole position and hole distance are not consistent. Decoration requirements. Moreover, the disadvantage of ordinary hinges is that they do not have the function of spring hinges, and various bumpers must be installed after the hinges are installed, otherwise the door panels will be blown.


The high-quality hinge is made of 304 stainless steel, which is 3 mm thick. The color is uniform, the processing is exquisite, the handle can be clearly felt heavier and thicker in the hand, the hinge is flexible, there is no "stasis" phenomenon, the hand feels fine, and the corners have no cutting edges.


The core of the hinge is the bearing, and the smoothness, comfort and durability are all determined by the bearing. The bearings of inferior hinges are made of iron sheet, which is not durable, easy to rust, and lack of friction, so that the door will make a "creaking" sound when opening and closing the door for a long time.


The high-quality hinge bearings are made of stainless steel, and are equipped with all-steel precision balls, real ball bearings, load-bearing and feel have reached international standards. The flexibility and smoothness of opening the door are guaranteed, mainly silent.


Cleaning tips of window friction hinge for casement window hinge

1. Keep it dry and avoid the hinges and other hardware in humid air.


2. Lubricating oil can be regularly added every 2-3 months for maintenance to ensure smooth and silent pulleys.


3. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean with chemical cleaners or acidic liquids. If you find that there are black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, you can wipe it with a little kerosene.


4. Avoid contact between hinges and condiments such as salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. If you accidentally touch them, wipe them off with a dry cloth immediately.


5. When the hinges are found to be loose or the door panels are not aligned, they should be tightened or adjusted immediately with tools.


6. Prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting and scratching.


7. When opening and closing the cabinet door, avoid excessive force to prevent the hinge from being violently hit and damaging the plating layer.


8. Try not to leave the cabinet door open for a long time.


9. Avoid pulling hard during transportation and damaging the hardware at the furniture joints.


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