Everything you Should Know about the Sliding Window Roller Wheels

October 29,2021

I believe that many people do not know very well about sliding window roller wheels. In fact, good sliding window roller wheels can reduce noise and make doors and windows last longer. So, let’s take a look at sliding window roller wheels.


Different Types of Sliding Window Roller Wheels


  • Wooden sliding window roller wheels


Wooden sliding window roller wheels will give people a warm and moist feeling. It is more unique in that it has the pattern of the wood itself, so the appearance is beautiful and decorative. However, the bearing capacity of this sliding window roller wheels is not particularly good, and it is not very wear-resistant, and the water resistance is not good. They are generally suitable for use as lighter weight door and window pulleys.


  • Plastic sliding window roller wheels


Plastic sliding window roller wheels, with a wide variety of styles and rich colors, are both practical and decorative, giving people a sense of fashion with changeable shapes. They are wear-resistant, waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Because the plastic sliding window roller wheel has good load-bearing performance, it can be used in a wide range.


  • Metal sliding window roller wheels


Metal sliding window roller wheels


There are also many types of metal sliding window roller wheels, such as stainless steel sliding window roller wheels and aluminum sliding window roller wheels. This type of sliding window roller wheel has rich colors and greater hardness. They have good bearing capacity, abrasion resistance and good waterproof performance. However, the metal sliding window roller wheel has poor anti-corrosion performance and is prone to rust after long-term use. They are more suitable for use as pulleys for heavy doors and windows.


How to Install Sliding Window Roller Wheels


  • Remove the window

First, raise the sliding window roller wheels off the track by sliding a flat head screwdriver or putty knife under the roller and rising. Grasp both sides of the framework and lift the door up off of its tracks. Location the display doors securely off sideways up until you prepare to place them back.


  • Eliminate the track before the window


For a lot of glass windows, there will be a strip of metal before the glass home window to maintain it protect. Some plates might be screwed in; you will certainly need to eliminate the screws before taking home plate out. Others can simply be raised.


  • Uninstall the headstop with a screwdriver


The headstop is a strip of metal next to the top of the window that maintains it standing upright. Screws on either end of the headstop keep it in position. Turn the screws counterclockwise till you can pull them from the headstop. As soon as all of the screws are removed, the headstop must boil down.


  • Raise the sliding window roller wheels by turning the modification screw counterclockwise


In the majority of windows, there will certainly be 2 screws on the bottom next to the rollers. The bottom screw is typically the adjustment screw. Utilize a Phillips head screwdriver to transform the screw counterclockwise regarding it will certainly go.


  • Raise the window up and also off of the track


Hold each side of the door before tilting the leading part of the window in the direction of you. Once the top runs out the frame, raise the window up and out of the bottom track.


In short, it is not easy to select the correct type of sliding window roller wheels and install sliding window roller wheels. If you are looking for a reliable sliding window roller wheels factory, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.