Why Are Hardware Accessories So Important In Doors And Windows

October 26,2021

Many people have many misunderstandings when choosing doors and windows, and often focus more on the materials and functions of doors and windows. But in fact, hardware accessories are the most important. As a window and door roller exporter, we are glad to share it with you.


Actually, hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows and the key to supporting the performance of doors and windows.


Doors and windows are inseparable from a complete set of hardware accessories. Hardware costs such as hinges, handles, connecting rods, wind braces, pulleys, latches, door closers, etc. can account for 15%-30% of the overall cost of doors and windows, or even more. ...


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Why hardware can directly affects the life of doors and windows?

In fact, the important factor that determines the long life of doors and windows is not only the profile, but also the door and window hardware itself.


Any door and window have a certain service life; the longer the use time (experienced by wind and rain, sun and rain, daily opening and closing loss, etc.), the more serious the deterioration and aging of the door and window itself.


The impact of door and window hardware on the service life of doors and windows is: when the hardware accessories that support the normal operation of doors and windows are damaged, fractured, rusted, or aging due to improper use or excessive use time, the actual functions of the doors and windows will be greatly weakened, and their safety risks will also be greatly reduced. Will follow. At this time, we need to repair it or update it.


Normally, the service life of hardware that is normally used or well maintained can be maintained at about 10 years.


The comprehensive performance of doors and windows is closely related to the structural types of door and window hardware.


The load-bearing accessories of the casement window include hinges, hinges (sliding braces), etc., whose function is to ensure the normal opening of the casement window, so that the sash will not fall off during daily opening or windy weather, and improve the wind resistance and stability of the whole window sex.


For another example, the locking parts of doors and windows mainly include lock points, lock buckles, actuators, and anglers. In conjunction with the sealing system of doors and windows, the use of these hardware will have an important impact on the overall performance of doors and windows (anti-theft, sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, etc.).


In addition, door and window handles and linkages can also achieve various opening functions by changing the position of the handle.


What does door and window hardware specifically refer to?

Door and window hardware is a general term for metal and non-metal fittings on building doors and windows (not the five kinds of fittings in the literal sense). Its function is to help doors and windows to open and close better, and to improve the overall performance of doors and windows (especially safety performance).


According to the purpose, door and window hardware can include door locks, handles, handles, support blocks, hinges, hinges, door closers, latches, anti-theft chains, anti-falling chains, induction door opening and closing devices, and so on.

How to choose high-quality hardware accessories?

1. When choosing hardware accessories, try to choose products with guaranteed quality and high brand awareness.


The quality level of hardware accessories should be consistent with the quality level of doors and windows: the structure and shape of hardware accessories should be consistent with the profile, the color is coordinated and beautiful, the function is correct, the operation is flexible, and the installation is convenient.


2. The installation of hardware accessories should be complete, standardized, reliable, and accurate in location. After installation, the doors and windows are beautiful in appearance, flexible and convenient to open, free of deformation, obstruction and collision.


3. The exposed fasteners of hardware accessories should be made of stainless steel first (take the handle as an example, the surface of a good hardware handle should be soft in color, not strong in metal dazzling, and even and fine in texture).


4. Multi-locking points should be used when closing casement doors and windows and large sliding doors and windows, otherwise the air-tightness will be greatly reduced under the action of negative pressure; considering the convenience of operation, it is best to use multi-locking handles or actuators.


It’s hard to imagine the toilet tragedy caused by the problem of bathroom door rollers, let's focus more on hardware accessories next time. Though we are a window and door roller exporter, we also wholesale sliding window handle, corner joint and others. Panda is committed to providing safe and high-quality door and window accessories, so that it keep your house safety.


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