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Hidden brass furniture door bolts may be unfamiliar to young people, but they are the most familiar household items for older generations. So what is the door bolt? In fact, the door bolt is a sliding bolt inserted into the door so that the door cannot be opened. In the past, the door bolt was mainly made of wooden or iron rods. Now the door can be seen in some rural areas. bolt. Now the door bolt has a great change in material and shape. For example, the shape has a ring shape and a font shape. The material uses more aluminum alloy, so the anti-theft performance has also been greatly improved.

Many people now install an anti-theft door bolt after installing an anti-theft door lock in order to protect the safety of their families' lives and property. So how about the anti-theft door bolt? Let's take a look.


The anti-theft door bolt realizes the function of a built-in lock, which can be locked outside the door, and has a super high technological content. The anti-theft door bolt is used in combination with a concealed lock. The anti-theft door bolt will be opened at the same time when the concealed lock is activated. When the concealed lock is locked, the door bolt will be stuck firmly. From the appearance point of view, the anti-theft door bolt has a simple structure, but is safe and reliable, and is deeply loved by consumers.


With the continuous development of technology, smart anti-theft door bolts have appeared on the market now, which have the function of automatic door lock. When the user leaves for a period of time, the smart anti-theft door bolt will automatically lock the door, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door when you go out, so that your family's life and property will be safer and more secure.


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