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Rolling Door Series

Advanced aluminum automatic roll up garage door is a multi-joint movable door connected in series, in a fixed slide, the door is rotated up and down with the reel above the door as the center. Rolling shutters are usually widely used in shops.
The rolling shutter door acts as a horizontal partition like a wall. It consists of a shutter plate, a seat plate, a guide rail, a support, a reel, a cabinet, a control box, a rolling door machine, a limiter, a door lintel, a manual quick release switch device, and a button switch. It is composed of multiple parts such as a safety device, etc., and is generally installed in a location where it is inconvenient to use wall separation.
The unique material and structural design of the roller shutter of Advanced aluminum automatic roll up garage door can effectively prevent strong light and ultraviolet radiation, completely solve the greenhouse effect of sunlight on the interior, and is suitable for various climate and weather changes. The indoor environment has a long-term protective effect. Tests have shown that the shutter rate of shutter doors and windows can reach 100% from the sun, and the rate of shelter from the temperature can reach more than 95%.

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